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How annoying! It’s summertime, a festive occasion is around the corner and voila seemingly out of nowhere those cleavage creases have reared their ugly head when it’s really you who should be turning heads. Let the lisis Sleep Bra come to your rescue, give you smoother skin! Overnight! Without any creams, chemicals or surgery.

A beauty sleep! Literally! How perfect would that be?

Many women are all too aware of the phenomenon: Over the years small wrinkles and fine lines inevitably form between the breasts. But did you know how they get there? What if it’s sleep that is the culprit?  

Especially if you sleep on your side or on your stomach, you compromise the skin between the breasts, essentially creasing it. Often for hours on end! The effect: It puts a damper on a woman’s self-confidence; the joy of being a woman is crushed.  

The night will inevitably leave its mark. But what if it were up to you to decide what kind of mark?

You engage in fitness programmes, take yoga classes and go for Ayurveda treatments, eat healthily, drink plenty of water and apply anti-aging creams like there's no tomorrow. There is so much you can do to stay in shape. Sadly the skin plays by its own rules.

The lisis Sleep Bra achieves precisely that which has eluded exercise, nutrition and cosmetics: Even after the first night your cleavage is visibly smoother. It will stay like that the whole day, even later in the day when you don that plunging evening gown.

Also great for breastfeeding and after breast surgery

Young mothers, as well as women having undergone breast surgery, will also benefit from the lisis Sleep Bra. The breasts are supported and get optimal relief.

During breastfeeding the lisis Sleep Bra can serve a dual purpose: Once satisfied the baby can simply lay its head on the soft padding found in the middle of the bra so as not to pose a further encumbrance to the mother’s breasts.

The lisis Sleep Bra actually works. How? Find out more here!

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